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Sunday, April 27, 2008
So soon but yet so far...

It's nearly the middle of 2008. Something tells me the year's going to pass by quickly.

So what's new? I'll tell you what's new!

For the best part of easter six adventurous University students laid base in a country shaped like a shoe - Italy. We landed in Rome, then traveled to Venice, Florence and then back to Rome. Rome was awesome, we might have actually seen everything there is to see there - Colosseum...and stuff.

Yeah about the Colosseum, we got a tour guide and he seemed to be a very interesting man. I think his name is Gianluca or something Italian-ish According to him, the movie 'Gladiator' got it all wrong. Apparently gladiators are comparable to modern day footballers - rich, skillful and famous. They train really hard with an ex gladiator for years and years, working hard each and every day. So it would seem a waste to send one of them to their death every time there was to be a battle between gladiators. Thus no gladiators were killed, only the losers left wounded. The gladiators only killed in fights with prisoners and the occasional lions. The prisoners were not big and muscular, quite the contrary really. It would seem to be a very easy challenge for the gladiators and I would think they would always win. Here's the funny thing, when the gladiator finally has the chance to kill the prisoner he looks to the Emperor. The movie shows the Emperor using a thumbs up as kill, or a thumbs down to spare him. According to Gianluca a thumbs up meant an erection and a thumbs down meant limp, so it was unlikely the Emperor would have used his thumbs. Haha funny stuff, when he said that I was ROFLing nonstop.

Ah yes. Venice. Nice place, didn't like the green water though :(. Venice was the place where I finally knew that gelato meant ice cream. When I was young and munching away at sweets I always looked at the back of the packet to see the ingredients and gelatin always caught my eye. Gelatin, as in tasteless jelly made from animal fat, ligaments, bones, skin etc. Naturally I thought gelato was an Italian way of saying gelatin so when YX and gang wanted to eat gelato I was like... wtf?

Florence, what a beautiful place. It must be at its best in easter cause it seemed very heavenly to me. Just wow, I cannot describe it.

This is not Florence btw, it's Venice. :)

Anyways, back to Manc. My flatmates and I have found something entertaining to do. Ever heard of "You spin me round (like a record)" by Dead or Alive? It's brilliant and it's used in the funniest website My flatmate Mark was playing it one day and I thought of showing him the site to his disgust. We then thought of an excellent idea, here's what generally happened in stages:
1. Flatmate X goes to use the toilet/kitchen
2.Mark,Chun goes into X's room, infiltrate his computer
3.Set up homepage as ""
4.Set picture as desktop background
5.Exit room and laugh our @$$ off
6.Flatmate X enters room and exits it shocked (most of them don't know how to change their homepage back. ROFL)
7.Flatmate X then wants in.
And thus begins a cruel spiral with everyone getting "meatspinned". If any of you noticed my facebook status as saying " meatspoin boy" you might have guessed that it was not me who wrote it but my cheeky flatmates who stormed into my vacant room and meatspinned my computer whilst I was having a nice, hot shower.

Oh wow, I never noticed how long my hair is :s. Might need to get a haircut tomorrow. Sighs.

WHOA. Haha I'll try to update much more in the future. Till then BYE BYE :).
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Friday, March 21, 2008
Hi guys. It's currently easter now and I'm in London staying with YX. Two months have just flew by. One minute I'm finding a pacemaker in a dead body and the next I'm baking a cheesecake at Zi's.

So what's been happening in my life so far?

January: Got my exam results back and passed :)

Febuary: Just flew by. Someone left their meat in the fridge for a substantial period of time, it grew moldy and made the whole fridge smell.

March: There was a weird smell in the kitchen. At first I thought it was something dead, like a rat because I SMELL DEAD BODIES, but then we (the whole flat) discovered the source of the smell was behind the fridge. We named it 'Tilda' and then killed it (by kill I mean by spraying it with Mr Muscles, an antibacterial spray). A week later a mouse was found running around the kitchen. I suspect that the mouse had caused Tilda by urinating on the fridge.

On a brighter note. Matt Ng visited me from Sheffield yesterday. Apparently his ticket only costed him 2.50 pounds. We planned to have steak for dinner, along with Clem and two of my coursemates - Jon & James. It's funny how you would always assume supermarkets will sell fresh meat. I saw a mould growing on one of the steaks which caused me to be paranoid and checked each steak I took. Fortunately they were alright.

It's 12.30am now and I am using YX's computer to type out this blog. Had a brilliant dinner at Zi's place 3 hours ago with Amanda,YX and of course Zi. Zi made her delicious lasagne whilst the three of us attempted to make cheesecake. It turned out alright in the end, but I admit it needed more butter/cheese.

Well that's all I've got to say for now. BYEEEE:)
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
After a long hiatus I'm back. Wow...8 months. That is a long time.
Well, much has changed since the last post. For one, I've stopped playing dota and have adopted a new game - Guild Wars. I'm not a real fan of it, just been playing it cause Chay keeps asking me to.

Anyway I'm in Manchester now. Studying medicine here for the next 5 years. It's pretty enjoyable, however I do miss my GIS friends. Everyone's scattered everywhere around the globe.

I live in an old flat which is the only one to not be renovated out of the whole residence. I have 7 great flat mates and we all share the same toilet. We also share a shower and a bathtub. I have absolutely no idea why there is a bathtub here. The only thing that separates the shower from the toilet is the shower curtain, so anyone can be gay and have a little peek (although I am fortunate enough to have excellent flat mates who do not partake in such activities). After living here for 3 months or so I can actually say that I am used to it and actually prefer it. Clement's flat is the one that is the most recently renovated out of the lot. He has a cozy room with a wash basin. Menzie's place is exactly the same as mine, the only difference between his and mine is the colour of the toilet floor in his flat (pinkish purple? I'm not sure, can't remember now).

Well, if you don't know or haven't figured it out by now, Menz and Clement are the only Gis-ians I know in Manchester (aside from Jason Gan, whom no one seems to remember). Menzie parties like an animal, Clement gets ladies numbers but doesn't call them and I drink 4 litres of coke in a week. We hang out quite a bit, but usually at night when Menz gets hungry. Then there's the occasional 'special' outings, such as paintballing in the winter (that was the day I was convinced I had frost bites), accompanying Jason Gan to the city centre to get a 25 pound haircut and other stuff I can't remember at the moment.

I've been to London 4 times. The first time I was there I saw two lorry drivers shouting obscene words at each other and I was nearly mugged by a black man apparently holding a fork, in the middle of Chinatown. Other than that, I hung out with GIS friends and had an alright time in London.

Jia Weii (aka Joey) came for a visit 4 days ago. The first thing he said when he came down the bus was ****. Apparently the bus he was in for 5 hours smelt like manure. Because Jia Weii is such a great friend he took the liberty to draw on my face when I had apparently passed out from having a pint too many.


Anyway that's all I have for now, it's 3pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Verun and Jit Tim

I haven't been blogging for a while. I guess I'm too preoccupied with revision and all. Anyway, now that my next paper is in a week I have alot of time to do worthless things like this.

So to start off I am going to wish both MODELS:

Verun Narula and Lim Jit Tim

a Happy belated birthday! YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Anyways moving on. I am on my first week of examinations and have just completed my physics planning paper and bio theory paper. Physics was alright, bio was OK but I was surprised with the paper. About 80% of the paper was on applications...APPLICATIONS. Dang...

My close gaming friends probably know this, I have deleted DoTA. Yes I am very weak but I deleted it not only because it will effect my preparations for my exams...but because it will affect my GROWTH, yes my GROWTH. To grow a potential 4 inches I will need sleep early. If I succumb to the mind draining game of DoTA I will probably be up till 4 in the morning...NOT GOOD FOR GROWTH YOU KNOW.

Jessica Alba is taller than me...sob. I will use that fact to encourage myself to sleep early...

DoTA or Jessica Alba....?

This shouldn't be a hard choice WHY is this such a hard one for me...???
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Hi guys.

6 days left to exams (and Verun's birthday). Can't believe school's nearly over :( . Yeah I'm kind of dreading Friday to come. Been here for 9 years and wishing I had joined earlier, made so many great friends on the way...

Gotta concentrate on the EXAMSSS. I got a conditional offer of AAB so I know I have to work my socks off everyday. I've only got one uni to look forward to. No insurance. BLEH...

Worse comes to worst I'll probably open a seed bank with Matt Ng...

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